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Join me at 360iDev - The Leading Indie iOS/macOS Developer Conference

360iDev is coming fast and you should come! Why?
Let me give you six reasons why you should come:

  1. Sam Davies will give “A Fun iOS 11 Workshop” on Sunday, Aug 13th
  2. On Monday, Aug 14th Joe Cieplinski will talk about “Getting Past No: The Science of Moving Others”
  3. Jay Freeman (Too many references to link to) will be talking about himself?! Anyways, I’m sure his session is going to be great!
  4. The same day (Aug 15th) Ben DiFrancesco will be talking about “Threads, Queues, and Things to Come: The Present and Future of Concurrency in Swift”
  5. And on the last day (after my talk, which you should visit), hear Andrew Morrow talk about “Using C Libraries in Swift 3”
  6. And with all these great sessions in mind, don’t miss me talking about “The Internet of Things and iOS: Don’t let your toaster bring down the internet!” on Sunday Aug 16th

And if that wasn’t already enough, I have something special planned for my talk, that includes:

  • A behind the scenes look at how Nest, Ecobee and Xiaomi (IoT) is built.
  • Ever wondered how the a few smart toasters and smart fridges took down half the Internet in October last year? We’re going to talk about that as well!
  • Want to know how YOU could help prevent that kind of disaster? Get ready to learn essential IoT strategies
  • Last but not least: Be prepared for a fun and exciting presentation. While I want to teach and inspire you with my talk I had a caricaturist help me out with some drawings ;)

From here all you have to do is go over to 360iDev buy your ticket and join me in beautiful Denver in two weeks!

See you there!