The Mirari Botnet And The Internet Outage On October 21st 2016

In preparation for my upcoming conference talk “The Internet of Things and iOS: Don’t let your toaster bring down the internet!” I have been doing a lot of research on the Mirai botnet. The Mirai (Japanese for “The Future”) botnet was used in a DDoS attack against the DNS service provider Dyn on October 21st, 2016. In this attack, some IoT devices were used to block their servers, bringing down popular sites such as »

Join me at 360iDev - The Leading Indie iOS/macOS Developer Conference

360iDev is coming fast and you should come! Why? Let me give you six reasons why you should come: Sam Davies will give “A Fun iOS 11 Workshop” on Sunday, Aug 13th On Monday, Aug 14th Joe Cieplinski will talk about “Getting Past No: The Science of Moving Others” Jay Freeman (Too many references to link to) will be talking about himself?! Anyways, I’m sure his session is going to be great! »

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ESP8266 Special: Apple's HomeKit is now for everyone!

Two weeks ago Apple held it’s annual WWDC keynote announcing the latest updates to their platforms and technologies. The keynote lasted over 2 hours and you might would think that in that much time they have touched at least all technologies on the surface, but one thing especially seemed to have been missing almost entirely. HomeKit! While Apple seemed to have not shown too much love to that topic during their Keynote, it seems as if they still have given that technology quite some thought leading up to WWDC as Apple quietly made quite a few changes. »

Setup Git Push To Securly Update Your Website

I have recently reported about my new website and the workflow I am using. More specifically about Hugo and GitHub pages. One task GitHub Pages solves perfectly is the need to publish changes. GitHub Pages does that automatically for you, which is one reason I chose it in first place. Due to the limitations on https with custom domains though, I decided to self host my HTML pages once more. »