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ReleaseNotes 2016

I’ve been to ReleaseNotes last week. ReleaseNotes is a indie conference mainly centered around the topic on “How to build a business”.

The conference was superb! But more to that later.

One talk that I’ve heard there last week already came back to me, which I like to write about now:

@sh’s talk “How to improve at support as a developer”

The talk centered around the language you use when facing customers and what impact it has between talking like a human being or some neutral robot. Now I won’t be able to capture in writing how awesome the talk was or what a great speaker Sarah Hatter is, but I want you to profit from the talk, so let me refer you to @bsndesign’s notes to said talk:

Afaik there’s going to be a recording of her talk soon, once it’ll be available, I will make sure to post it here.

Until then, make sure to think about the language you use and how you communicate. You change the world around you with the words you use, don’t be a robot. “I was under the impression” is not an excuse, when you made a mistake be sure to recognize it and don’t leave the other person just like that.

That said, the language you use matters! Be friendly and “try to think how other people think”.