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Unicycling: One App For All EUCs

A week ago I started a new project. I’m excited to talk about it as it’s coming along nicely.

A unicycling app!

I’ve been an electric unicycle rider for a bit over a year now and it seems as there’s a big problem with all the different brands of EUCs (electric unicycle) that are out there: Their Apps

When riding a electric unicycle, you need an app from time to time to change the settings of your EUC or track your path, battery or any of those metrics. While all EUC brands I’ve seen so far provide an app, they come in different levels of usability and each with a different feature set.

My latest experience, which happens to be a Inmotion EUC, goes as far as the app being unusable outside China (even though they official sell EUCs outside of China).

So what I started to develop is an app that’s no longer brand specific and doesn’t put unnecessary limitations on the user.

I’ll update this post soon with a few screenshots!