From Ghost to Hugo. Easier Blog Hosting with Github Pages

With the publication of this post, my transition from Ghost to Hugo will be complete and this blog will be solely run with static HTML files compared to the dynamic Ghost installation I used before. Let me explain why I did this and how you can do this as well. Starting Position I started off with a Ghost installation that was hosted on While is a great hoster and probably the cheapest option to host a Ghost installation, I hated that updates to Ghost itself would be troublesome and that in addition to uberspace. »

Electric Unicycle

For the past two years I have been riding an electric unicycle and everywhere I go I find people asking me about it, which is why I have decided to put up this page. You might have come here over a link you found or because we have talked in person, in any case, let me introduce you to what a electric unicycle (EUC) is and how you can start riding one soon as well. »

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Building a ESP8266 Weather Station with MQTT, HomeKit and WebInterface Part III

Part III This is part III of a series of tutorials that build up on each other. If you missed the first parts, you can find it here: Part 1 Part 2 In this part we’re going to use the esp8266 chip with the DHT11 sensor from part I to connect to our MQTT server from part II and publish the sensors data. Finally, we are going to build a iOS app to display our data. »


It’s great you want to get in contact with me! Below is a form that can be used to write me a more formal email. If you just want to shot me a quick message, I respond quickest to a tweet (@caffeineflo). Email Address * Subject * Message * »

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About Me

Hi Visitor, Welcome to my blog/website/notebook! I’m glad you are here and I hope you enjoy the content you find here. Here are a few words about me, so you’ll get to know who writes all this stuff. Florian Harr iOS Software Engineer in Atlanta I’m an iOS Developer in Atlanta! I moved to Atlanta in 2014 right after I finished my Bachelors Degree in Computer Science in Stuttgart, Germany. »