Unicycling: One App For All EUCs

A week ago I started a new project. I’m excited to talk about it as it’s coming along nicely. A unicycling app! I’ve been an electric unicycle rider for a bit over a year now and it seems as there’s a big problem with all the different brands of EUCs (electric unicycle) that are out there: Their Apps When riding a electric unicycle, you need an app from time to time to change the settings of your EUC or track your path, battery or any of those metrics. »

FinanceFox Review

If You're Not Paying, You're The Product - The Internet Some of you might already know Finance Fox - “My Insurance Hero”. This is going to be a short review with my experience I had using them for about a year now. Finance Fox is a platform/app that allows you to manage your insurances and other financial contracts that you might own. They also claim that they can optimize those for you. »

[Update] Watchdog On The Raspberry Pi

I was posting about the watchdog device on the raspberry pi a few days ago and how to solve a specific error with the configuration on the pi. In the meantime I had the watchdog device running for a few days and it worked … kind of … One should know, that the watchdog devices halts the pi immediately, so it’s not a clean shutoff but more like you would pull the power plug of the pi. »

Building a ESP8266 Weather Station with MQTT, HomeKit and WebInterface Part II

Part II This is part II of a series of tutorials that build up on each other. If you missed the first part, you can find it here: Part I Part II is going to be a little bit slower than part I, simply because we have to make a few preparations in order to keep going faster again in part III. We’re going to take a look at MQTT by going over the idea what this protocol does before we go ahead and setup a MQTT server that we’re going to use in part III to communicate with our little weather station. »

OpenVPN block-outside-dns

Recently I had issues with my VPN setup, specifically with my VPN over at premiumize.me. They seem to have added the block-outside-dns option to their OpenVPN setup. As that’s a Windows only question it doesn’t work on my OS X/Arch Linux machine and causes problems. The error message was: Unrecognized option or missing or extra parameter(s) in [PUSH-OPTIONS]:6: block-outside-dns (2.4.0) You can fix that (given you run OpenVPN >= 2. »