Join me at 360iDev - The Leading Indie iOS/macOS Developer Conference

360iDev is coming fast and you should come! Why? Let me give you six reasons why you should come: Sam Davies will give “A Fun iOS 11 Workshop” on Sunday, Aug 13th On Monday, Aug 14th Joe Cieplinski will talk about “Getting Past No: The Science of Moving Others” Jay Freeman (Too many references to link to) will be talking about himself?! Anyways, I’m sure his session is going to be great! »

Unicycling: One App For All EUCs

A week ago I started a new project. I’m excited to talk about it as it’s coming along nicely. A unicycling app! I’ve been an electric unicycle rider for a bit over a year now and it seems as there’s a big problem with all the different brands of EUCs (electric unicycle) that are out there: Their Apps When riding a electric unicycle, you need an app from time to time to change the settings of your EUC or track your path, battery or any of those metrics. »